Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homebound Projects with my Talented Daughter

The snow flies and in between sledding and walks in the snow we're inside with busy hands. A pile of felted sweaters call to us and my daughter (13 years old) and I scour the internet for ideas. Look what we made!

I met a lovely lady named Frances Clement Fawcett this fall at the Fiber Farm Tour. She makes fabulous creations from felted wool and teaches a slipper making class! E. stitched these up in no time from Frances' pattern:
This is my pair:

E. made these moccasin type slippers from a Martha Stewart pattern. You can't see but there are felt bees decorating the top (Sorry, I'm a bad photographer...). They're so cute and comfy!

And I made these from this pattern on Craftstylish. I'm not a crocheter but I'm loving the easy crochet trim on these and the red pair above-

So we've been cutting and sewing but we still have to eat! E. is becoming an expert cookie baker/decorator. She made these gluten and dairy-free cookies for her dad. The recipe is from Gluten Free Girl and the decorating ideas come from Cookie Craft.

And the sheep still have to be fed. Here they are in the snow. My oldest girl, Belle, is very friendly these days and loves a scratch. I give her some love every time I do chores. I like to kiss her between her horns. She smells so wonderfully sheepy!

Hoping you're cozy and warm inside while enjoying the winter beauty outside.