Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cynthia's Rebirth

This needle felted doll was a gift for my sister Cynthia for her 50th birthday. Cynthia's life has recently opened up in so many wonderful ways and she's enjoying it as never before. I really wanted to create a doll for her to mark this joyous transition. I had the image in mind for a long time of her being reborn out of a flower but I couldn't figure out how to pull this off in cloth. Wool proved to be the medium and the felting needle the tool that would finally do the trick. It slightly resembles her but the charm around her neck is supposed to confirm her identity-it's a moon (and also looks like the letter C!) and the name Cynthia finds its origins in Artemis, the goddess of the moon.
There's a wire armature in the doll and the flower. The flower's stem is glued into a wooden base.


Mary said...

You know, it's so hard to pinpoint my favorite of your creations, but I think this one is it. I really appreciated hearing your thought process behind creating it. All that you wanted to convey in this creation is so clear to all of us who see it.

What a lovely, thoughtful and incredibly special gift for your sister.

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

How beautiful!

Hello...I was just searching through the blogs, looking for needle felters. I've just begun to explore this area and I think I'm hooked! I have an art blog...hope you can visit.

Have a beautiful day!


Maggie R said...

Your work is awesome.... I have just tried a little of this but hope to do more. I was so excited this week to get some rovings I ordered(full color spectrum) I can hardly wait to try them.
I will be back, thanks for the tour,