Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

You really can't improve upon Mother Nature.Why does plastic Easter grass come in neon yellow and pink? Have you ever seen grass this color? How does the huge aisle of disposable plastic Easter crap at Wal Mart glorify God's promise to the world through Jesus' resurrestion?
These are questions I ask myself as I (reluctantly) shop at this time of year. So I cut a couple of soon-to-be flowering branches of blossoms off the Yellow Transparent tree. Then my daughter walked in with a beautiful bird's nest she found on the ground in our woods. That settled it. I was glad to keep our Easter decorations very natural this year. And I love the results.We adore birds and thier eggs so we have amassed quite a collection of egg shells and nests here and there. It's hard to see from my mediocre pictures but on and around this "tree" are Aracauna, brown and white chicken eggs, small white dove eggs we blew back when we kept those lovely birds, a couple tiny wren eggs from an abandoned nest (we found the dead mama. Very sad.), various halves of robin's eggs, a crow eggshell or two, even a speckled eggshell of a shorebird found at the beach. Oh, and my friend Kristin gave me a Great Blue Heron's shell she found when she took a walk in the rookery!
And check out the golf ball sized wasps nest my little boy found on the ground. I love it:The blossoms about to burst into flower, the eggs about to hatch, the renewal of this holy holiday..It must be Spring!
There's so much natural beauty to enjoy at this time of year. Who needs pink plastic grass?

Happy Easter!


Tink said...

Happy Easter to you too sista! I love your natural decorations!
Enjoy your Celebration day~

Linda said...

Beautiful and so you. Linda

Storybook Woods said...

Well first of all, that is what you get for going to Wal-mart ;-p
Akkk, love your tree. Sooooooooo much better. Happy Easter xoxoxox Clarice

country mouse said...

Amen, Angie! *Love* your decorations! I'm so with you on the birds' nest and egg decorations--just lovely and cannot be improved upon!

Happy Easter to you and yours and thank you for sharing this beautiful sentiment.

Gumbo Lily said...

I adore your natural Easter decor! God made nature so why not celebrate with it?

Happy Day!

Mirella said...

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R.J. said...

Your Easter decorations are great! The nest was a good idea of your daughter.
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