Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wool Dolls at the Fiber Farm Tour!

I'm pleased to announce my participation in the Olympic Penninsula Fiber Farm Tour on September 17-18th! I will be selling wool dolls and figures at Barry and Linda Taylor's beautiful farm/business: Taylored Fibers in Quilcene. For those unacquainted with my work I'm posting photos of the kind of figures I will be offering during the tour. Please note: I can't guarantee these exact dolls will be offered for sale. Some have been sold and others are in process.

My needle felted figures are made from wool roving and dry felted with a single felting needle. All facial features are sculpted from colored wool.

Some will be poseable, like this sassy Autumn chick with red dreds:

Some will be tea cozies.... ...and some haven't told me who they want to be yet....
And Christmas is not far away! I'll be sure to have some Santas ready .... There will be seasonal characters such as shown in my December 2007 post (scroll down)! I love the Brownie and the elves... And because I'm incapable of resisting thrift store woolens so you'll find dolls like Frances (above) and Ed (below) . They're made out of felted cashmere, lambswool and hardy Harris Tweed.. The faces on these dolls are embroidered and they have detachable wings made out of vintage quilts.
There will be so much going on at Taylored Fibers (and all the other farms on the tour). Do stop by and say hello!


LaVonne said...

Oh Ang......I want to be there! They look fabulous! And I have one! LOVE my TTTW doll!
I am missing you and Clarice and Linda! If I have a farm tour, will you come and sell here? ;-)
Miss you lots!

Storybook Woods said...

You did a blog post ;-) Yeah!! I am so excited for you. You will do very well at the farm tour!! xoxoxo Clarice

Lady Linda said...

Ya Angie...very cool post! You are an amazing artist. Would love to attend this. If I don't have a quilt retreat, I may be able to attend. I know you must be working your head off!
Love ya, Linda

Island pepperpot said...

great blog just found you today, the dolls are cute, Especially love the santas great for holiday gifts where can I buy do you have a store.

TroElli said...

I know the Fiber Farm Tour is a this weekend and I wanted to wish you a smashing success! Love you!